Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Economical, Chemical-Free Laundry Soap

In my recent research over the past year or so for a laundry detergent I have been amazed at how economical these products are and how little you use. Just because it is 'green' and chemical-free (and dye free and fragrance free) doesn't mean you'll pay more. Added benefits?

bb= safe for baby clothes and cloth diapers
- = you use MUCH less than commercial brands
* = WAY better for your clothes, the environment, your skin
$ = cheaper than brands you buy at the store
scent = unscented (scents are usually chemically derived and actually build up on your clothes and combine to the chemical residue)

Here is the best I've found in a powdered form...
Wonder Wash ( gets 80 loads per container and costs about $0.14 / load if you buy in bulk direct. You literally use 1 Tablespoon per load. There are no phosphates, dyes, perfumes, bleach, color, brighteners, whiteners, sulfates, chemicals, etc. Best on the market!
--> since my original post of this I have been to Superstore pricing out these other brands (including NO NAME) which are ALL more expensive than ordering Wonder Wash directly from their company. The only thing is that you had to buy a large quantity box... what I'm doing is ordering a bulk order and splitting it with 3 friends so we'll all pay $50 and have enough to last us about a year!!! Check the website for ordering info or you can order it locally in smaller quantities but it is much more expensive(:

For price point comparison...
Watkins Laundry Soap gets 80 loads per box and costs about $0.22 / load (great ingredients)
Malaleuca ($0.23 / load) -- looks pretty good for ingredients too
No Name Superstore $18+tax 150 loads ($0.14 / load) it's full of scents, fillers and other junk
Tide $24.40 90 loads ($0.31/ load)

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