Thursday, November 20, 2008

The 'Dirty Dozen'

With 'organic' being the buzz word these days it's challenging to know which things to splurge for and which ones to not bother with.

I've found this link really helpful...

You can go there and print off a wallet sized guide for the 'dirty dozen' (12 produce items MOST highly sprayed with pesticides and chemicals). It also tells you which ones not to bother with (unless you really want to).

So bananas, broccoli, avacados and onions are among those that are 'best' (don't bother buying organic). But the 'dirtiest'... peaches, apples, peppers, celery, lettuce, spinach, potatoes and on. You can go online for the full report but thought this might be helpful for you. Also, this site is funded by donations so there is no industry funding which means it is pretty 'grass roots' and not being encouraged to 'fudge' any numbers by any food / grower industry associations.

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Stacy Kaye said...

thanks for this...i knew for sure that apples were one of the most sprayed, but didn't know the others. this list is definitely helpful!